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Newbie here

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Dec. 21st, 2007 | 02:02 pm
mood: chipperchipper
music: Skillet: Live Free or Let Me Die
posted by: aisforapathy in skilletfans

Hey everyone,

I see that this community doesn't get updated too often, huh? Ah well. I was looking for a Skillet community on LJ and this is the closest thing to one. :-)

Anyway, my name's Nate. I'm a 24-year old guy from the town of Lockport, New York. And I think Skillet is one of the most incredible bands I have ever listened to, Christian or otherwise. Forget what everyone says about them being a "youth"-oriented band...in a handful of years I'll be 30, and if these guys continue to pump out the awesome music that they have so far, I'll still be a fan even then.

So far, Comatose is the only CD of theirs I have so far, and as much as I love it I'm looking forward to picking up their other material. To those of you who say that these songs aren't "Christian" enough, listen to the lyrics a little harder. No, there isn't too much mention of Christ directly, but the way I look at it they're doing the same thing that Kutless did with their last studio album, Hearts of the Innocent. They're making the message a bit more accessible to others who may be going through some tough times and are seeking a way out. I've always felt that before nonbelievers are willing to embrace our faith, they need to be embraced by our love and support. They need to know that we aren't merely trying to win converts but rather that we sincerely care about them and want them to make a change in their lives for the better.

Okay, enough of my rambling, lol. Just one more thing in case anyone doesn't know: Skillet are releasing a Deluxe Edition of Comatose available for purchase on their website. It isn't slated to come out until 12/26, but if you pre-order it and choose the "Guaranteed Christmas Delivery" shipping option you'll get it before then. I got my copy today and it's everything you've come to love about Comatose plus more. It includes...

-All 11 original Comatose tracks plus six bonus songs: A new studio track called "Live Free or Let Me Die" (amazing song, btw) and acoustic versions of "Rebirthing," "Yours To Hold," "The Older I Get," "Whispers In The Dark," and "Say Goodbye," all of which sound incredible.
-A sleeve with new front and back cover art for the album.
-Access to a free cell phone ringtone and wallpaper
-And a DVD featuring the videos for "Rebirthing," "Whispers In The Dark," and "Looking for Angels," plus a behind-the-scenes segment. (I personally would've liked to see the video for "The Older I Get" also on there, but that's a minor quibble.)

Well worth the money if you ask me.

Merry Christmas fellow Skillet fans! Hopefully some more interest in this community can be sparked.


EDIT: I just now noticed that the "Behind The Scenes" segment on the bonus DVD actually IS the video for "The Older I Get." Or at the very least it's the one that I saw on one of the Music OnDemand channels on digital cable. Perhaps there's another?

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